Christine Saade – Get Together (Twisted Dee Remix)

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There’s nothing better than a high energy song that makes every single day feel like a Friday right? Well Christine Saade must’ve had this idea in mind, as she released this vintage sounding dance track called ‘Get It Together’. 

As soon as the beat drops, you are immediately flooded with this Electro-sound that will get anyone out of their seats! Christine absolutely loses herself in the beat, as she provides this energetic vibe that gets more and more fierce as the song goes on.

Content-wise, Christine is imploring the listeners to get together to make change, and I’m hoping that change she’s asking for is to start putting McDonalds secret sauce on all hamburgers. Overall, I appreciate the song for waking me up on a groggy Monday!

This song reminds me of Jennifer Lopez’s old stuff….The music she used to make before she started dating that kid that looks like a baby Vin Diesel.


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