The Saturators – Stacks (Review & Stream)

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So who are The Saturators? According to their SoundCloud, they are a 7 person multi-cultural groove machine from Brooklyn/Harlem that make what you call wet music. So what exactly is wet music? I have several inappropriate guesses, and several very appropriate guesses – All of them involve the act of sweating.

My biggest issue with the music industry today is the lack of exposure that ‘complete’ songs get nowadays. While I welcome a good ratchet song every once and while, sometimes I want to hear a complete song that lets me know that there was some serious effort that was put in to making it; this song is a good example of this.

The song starts off with a curious feel, as you are welcomed to it by a drum solo. The drums aren’t left alone, as it is joined by both the lead singer, and a variety of other instruments.

The lead singer does a phenomenal job of having the listeners ears on a string, as he goes in and out from sounding numb, to exuberant, to even reggae-like outchea! His messages are very heartwarming, as it reminds me of the funk version of a Bob Marley song.

The end of the song turns into an absolute block party, as all instruments are stripped of their duties, and are replaced with angrier versions of themselves. The lead singer is also joined by a group of singers that probably think just like him!

My ears feel a bit cleansed after hearing this song.


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