Chris Brown – Dat Night (Ft. Young Thug & Trey Songz) (Review & Stream)

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I thought that Chris Brown was going to come out swinging for 2017, cause he had a somewhat quiet 2016 for his standards; this song is a good way to start off.

Chris Brown raps pretty tough on this track, as he hits us with this gutter sounding verse and chorus. It’s starting to be a seamless transition when Chris decides to go from singing to rapping BTW.

Trey Songs follows Chris Browns melody, but he’s a little more R&B sounding on it than Chris is. Is there still a place for Trey Songs style in the game?

Young Thug is his crazy self on it, as he follows no melodies, he just raps like a f–kin’ Animaniac.

The song is ok.. It might be a major club hit because of its catchiness.


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