Chixtape 4

Tory Lanez – Chixtape 4 (Mixtape Review)


Tory Lanez dropped two Mixtapes right at the start of 2017, and this is the R&B one. On this Mixtape, Tory flips a few R&B classics by adding his own Swavey flair to each song. Since I was more excited about this Mixtape than the other one, let’s see if I get a chance at being satisfied.




‘Need a Girl’ is a remake to the classic Puff Daddy track with Ginuwine where Puff Moped about not being able to find a woman like J-Lo, since then, Drake found a girl like J-Lo, and this dude is shamelessly indulging in the idea of being her puppy.

There’s so much passion coming from Tory on this song, as he’s begging, pleading, and sounding like a dude that needs a transplant as opposed to a girl; can someone give this negro a girl please? He’s singing like he’s hurting out here.

4. 1 CALL

All Tory needs to do is provide better vocals than Jason Weaver to win this song (Yes, the big brother from Smart Guy is the R&B singer on the original version.); do i have to tell you who won?

The song is very fast paced, and somehow Tory is able to keep up with it while providing some impressive R&B skills. Out of all the songs on this Mixtape, this one sounds most like the original to me – matter of fact, you still hear Chingy’s original ad-libbing on the chorus. Tory himself is primarily ad-libbing, as it sounds like he’s improvising throughout the whole song..


This song kinda reminds me of a heavier R&B version of ‘Flex’ from his last album: It has that same screwed up sound as ‘Flex’, and he’s also singing with that same playa-like demeanor. On the song, Tory lets his girl know that he’s capable of spoiling her, while also acknowledging her dark-skin beauty. Very little is taken from the original ‘Slow Down’, making this more of an original song than a remake.


This is truly some late night/slow jam s–t by Tory, as he allows the listeners to get a glimpse into his infatuation for his woman. You get the confident, careful worded Tory on this one, and it sounds all the way authentic. Who would’ve ever thought getting grinding on could be this damn emotional?

Jacques sounds a lot like Pleasure P on this song, which is dope considering that the original version is sung by Pleasure P.


This is the deep I need from Tory! His self-evaluating is very meaningful. If you remember, on ‘I Told You’, Tory had a down ass chick that held him down through the f–kery, and this is an extension of his appreciation for this down ass chick. Overall, the track is deep, is honest, and actually pretty gutter at the same time.

1. SLOW WIND (5/5)
2. NEED A GIRL (4.5/5)
3. 1 CALL (4.5/5)
4. JUST A FRIEND (3.5/5)
5. WHATS LUV (3.7/5)
7. IGNITION (4/5)
8. SLOW DOWN (4.8/5)
10. AALIYAH (3.8/5)


Tory already gets this reputation of copying several artists styles of today, so hearing him do these impressions of some of our favorite hits of yesteryear may get a bit of a mixed reaction from people.  I actually give him props, because I think he actually thinks he can make the song better than the original artists, which is a microcosm of the confidence he has in his abilities.

While he doesn’t quite copy the songs word for word, he does a good job of adding his own Toronto flavor to each song by doing all the little things to make it all the way his.

Tory lacks this shame in being a thug that can harmonize with the best of them doesn’t he? He doesn’t mind opening up his feelings about a girl that he loves, as at times, he comes across as crazier in love than Beyonce for minuscule reasons.

Overall, enjoy the Mixtape for what it is, and that is a Mixtape that showcases the R&B talent of Mr. Lanez.


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