PnB Rock – Hanging Up (Review & Stream)

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PnB Rock is about to drop his debut album really soon, and with that being said, we are treated to another tease by him featuring his big bro Ty Dolla Sign.

This is some unexpected real s–t by PnB Rock, as he lets his woman know that he’s retiring from the game and giving her his all. While I’m sure that notion is complete nonsense, you can’t help but get impressed with the passion he spews on the track line to line. I guess I can’t call someone a liar if they are being specific in what they’re talking about right?

I could barely hear the transition from PnB Rock to Ty Dolla Sign on this song, meaning that these dudes sound that similar to me. Ty Dolla does bring the savageness to the track, as he’s a little more foul mouth with his dismissal of his old hoes.

Good little pimp retirement song between the two.


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