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Lil Bibby – You Ain’t Gang (Remix) (Ft. Lil Durk, Kevin Gates & Dej Loaf) (Review & Stream)

I won’t say Bibby recruited all-stars for his remix to ‘You Ain’t Gang’, but I will say he recruited some flamboyant ass personalities for sure.

Lil Bibby isn’t quite known for making catchy s–t, but he does here, as he gives a verse and chorus that has a damn good bop to it; he still sounds like a f–kin’ boogie man on the track though.

Durk is rapping tough on this one, and I love it! He raps with this aggression that screams out I’m the king of Chicago for sure.

Dej Loaf adds the R&B relief for the song, as she harmonizes her goon affiliated lyrics.

Kevin Gates sounds like a dog that got loose from the kennel (He always sounds like that actually).


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