Do you remember the last time Wale and Wayne made a track together? It was the legendary ‘Nike Boots (Remix)’ in which Wayne absolutely murdered! This song is not as tough as Nike Boots, but it is still very damn good.

It’s a bit of a different sound from Wale on this one, as he chooses to rap over this ‘Alice in the Wonderland’ like beat. Wale does use this flow that I’ve heard him use before, which means it isn’t completely left field.

Lil Wayne has the second verse, and he gives us a mix of Auto-Tune Wayne and belligerent Wayne. I do like how colorful his verse is, as you can just hear this joy from him that you would’ve thought wavered by now.

In all honesty, this song has to be one of the more meaningless songs I’ve heard from Wale in a while; I prefer meaningless Wale though.