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Mozzy – Hold On Me (Ft. G-Eazy, YG & Lex Aura)

Mozzy has recruited YG, G-Eazy and Lex Aura for this ‘Tuck Your Chain’ ass track called ‘Hold On Me’.

I didn’t necessarily come here to hear Mozzy, but since we are forced to listen to him, I will write a full review of his verse. I Actually have absolutely nothing to say about his verse… When it’s all said and done, look at all these words I happened to say about his verse anyway.

G-Eazy has a pretty tough verse! I just like the swag (Manufactured or not) that he raps with.

Am I the only one that thinks YG is not a rapper, but rather the goon boyfriend of all our younger sisters?

Who would’ve thought that I would have a longer review of Mozzy’s verse than everyone else on this song? I’ma beast writer!

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