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LeCrae – Blessings (Ft. Ty Dolla Sign) (Review & Stream)

How nice of LeCrae to allow his Christian fans to hear Ty Dolla Sign and his heathen ass on a track with him!

Mike Will-Made it produced this? Could this be considered a bit of a repent for both guys? Anyway, he provided this hyped ass oops hyped butt beat that LeCrae raps some great lyrics on. The verse is flawless, and to think that I can learn something from it is an extra plus.

Ty Dolla keeps it clean, and it sounds natural clean too. I feel like if he taps into music like this, he could be something special.

This is an absolutely beautiful song! I would love to hear this in the club! Then again, I’m not supposed to be there if I’m listening to it.


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