Major Lazer – Imma Run Up On You (Ft. PartyNextDoor & Nicki Minaj) (Review & Stream)

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I’ve been telling people for the last couple of months that PARTYNEXTDOOR’s best sound is probably an Island one; Major Lazer probably realized that and recruited him for this song.

I’m going to actually call the style of this song ‘African’ music. Our music has a little more vibes to it than reggae does, which is what I hear here.

PARTYNEXTDOOR on his verses does not mope much, which I think should make us all very happy – Instead, he talks that Michael Jackson on ‘The Way you Make me Feel’ talk.

I can stomach Nicki on a track like this… It’s a very corny verse lyrically, but I’m really feeling her vibes and Caribbean voice.

The writing is not the best on this song….For a song like this, you gotta have some more delicate lyrics than “I’m going to run up on ya’ over and over again.


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