DJ E-Feezy (Who I have no clue is) managed to recruit a bunch of people that I have an inkling I know… Someone in the back is telling me dude is a legend and that I should revise my earlier statement….Nah, too lazy.

So this is a remake of ‘No Better Love’ by Young Gunz, but it is a little more fast paced than the original. K. Michelle sings the chorus, and she sounds like a women that’s trying to be listened to, but her thug boyfriend is too busy playing PlayStation to listen.

Fabolous has the sly style that is perfect for this type of song! I still think homie is the punchline king.

Rick Ross is on the song too, and believe it or not, he sounds skinnier! Ok I admit it, I have nothing to say about his verse…It’s the same ol s–t.

I like the song guys!