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Mariah Carey – I Don’t (Ft. YG) (Review & Stream)

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Did Mariah really just take Donnell Jones one and only hit and try to make it hers? 2017 is the year of the assholes!

A Mariah Carey and YG collaboration may sound like a bit of a weird one to you, but it’s really not (I’ll explain)…Mariah is known to work with gangstas on songs, and strangely enough, they compliment her whole Disney on ice sound well. On this song, YG’s job is to give the track hood approval, while Mariah spills her guts over the rugged beat. Overall, I love the flow of the song, I love the many different phases to it, and as usual, I LOVE HER VOICE!

I never care for a YG verse, but in this case, I was waiting on it like it was a Thanksgiving Turkey! I felt like on this song there could be that whole Baby Boy/Jody aspect to it, and that is exactly what you get!



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