You know what is interesting? There was a time that Future was dropping Mixtapes and Albums like hotcakes, and then suddenly he stopped. It was almost like he went back to the drawing board after the very experimental ‘EVOL’, and realized people wanted that ‘DS2’ sound!

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I have this really bad habit of liking the first track on albums, and unfortunately this is another example.

On ‘Rent Money’, Future is pretty amped up, as he finds pure enjoyment in returning to the scene and s–ting on everyone else.  to me, it sorta has the same energy that ‘In The Mouth’ had, and that energy is certainly an F the world one.

When Future talks that trap s–t, he still sounds very damn believable, right? I feel like he has 0 comprehension of the words ‘previous occupation’.




There is actually a love song on this album? You mean to tell me he put the Percocet down for like five minutes and exchanged it for some Alizae? I don’t believe it ya’ll.

This song has a very sensual tone to it, giving Future this platform to spill his guts about this supposed down ass chick that hasn’t left since he was broke (Apparently she hasn’t left since he had 8 babies either). While many people will think the song sounds simple, I think that this approach adds to its authenticity, because that connection you have with you’re down ass chick could definitely be very simple at times.  (S–t, my down ass chick stopped wearing makeup a long time ago.)

Maybe I’m in the minority, but the closer Future gets to R&B, the more I like him! One of his best songs is ‘Turn off The Lights’, and that s–t was just as mushy sounding as this song is.




If I had to make a guess, this would be the best song to use when promoting this album due to its uniqueness. On this song, Future harmonizes quite a bit, showing a different type of passion than the other tracks.

Future might be the first dude in the world that could harmonize his ass off on a song, yet be talking about absolutely nothing of substance.




I know that Drug abuse is a bad thing, but I can’t help but notice that when this negro makes tracks about Percocets he is undefeated! We want you to stop abusing drugs Future, but maybe after you retire from the game (We gotta be greedy sometimes).

Let’s try to break this song down on why it is so tight: 1. That damn flute is slick as hell! 2. The way he navigates through his verses/chorus is sly as f–k! 3. The tempo is flawless! 4. It is infectiously chill.




If I had to make another guess, ‘Poppin’ Tags’ will be the joint that everyone will LOVE in the clubs; it’s energy is impeccable! Future is practically shouting at us throughout the song, imploring anyone that is chilling in the corner of the club to get they asses up and commit some foolishness! If that doesn’t get them up, the chorus which encourages you to brag about the large amount of money that we lie about having should definitely do the trick.

I think 808 Mafia is one of the quietest giants in the production game right now; he really has some high quality beats out there.


1. RENT MONEY (4.7/5),  2. GOOD DOPE (4/5), 3. ZOOM (4.5/5), 4. DRACO (3.7/5), 5. SUPER TRAPPER (4.2/5), 6. POA (4.3/5), 7. MASK OFF (4.9/5), 8. HIGH DEMAND (4.3/5) 9. OUTTA TIME (3.7/5) 10. SCRAPE (4.2/5) 11. I’M SO GROOVY (3.8/5) 12. MIGHT AS WELL (4.8/5), 13. POPPIN’ TAGS (5/5), 14. MASSAGE IN THE ROOM (4/5), 15. FLIP (4.7/5), 16. WHEN I WAS BROKE (4.7/5), 17. FEDS DID A SWEEP (3.8/5)




Let’s start this summary off by saying that Future is the king of catchy right now! His music doesn’t do much uplifting or teach many valuable lessons, but it definitely provides some s–t that will get stuck in your head when you are driving to work.

I thought what made ‘DS2’ really good was that it caught a few of us fake ass Future fans off guard a bit; well he doesn’t have that luxury to catch us off guard anymore, which means the sounds you hear on this album (which sound almost identical to DS2) doesn’t sound as special to the world anymore… While that is surely saddening to hear, I am encouraged by the albums consistency (Another attribute I find similarities to with DS2), which usually bodes well for the long term success of an album.

If there was one thing I found unique about this album, it would be the aggression that Future exhibits on many of the songs; he sounds angry, he sounds like he’s out to prove something – it’s like he realized he paid his dues when he was away from the game, and he thinks negroes should put some respect on his name! Put some respect on his name RA RA RA boy!

I’m not quite sure about the reception this album will receive: I feel like it will either be under appreciated, or over-appreciated when it’s all said and done.