A Boogie Wit The Hoodie

A Boogie Wit The Hoodie – Drowning (Ft. Kodak Black) (Review & Stream)

I love the fact that these to semi-hood rappers decided to embrace this opera-like sound.

A Boogie absolutely kills this s–t! He raps with such a good pace, combined with some young flashy lyrics that sounds good on the beat. Throughout his verse, I feel like he drops his bars so effortlessly, making the song feel laid back from start to finish.

Kodak Black always sounds gutter as hell to me, and even though this particular beat is gentle, for some reason they compliment each other pretty well. I love that Kodak’s bars are a bit comical on his verse, further proving my theory that he is one of the more charismatic rap artists in the game.

I’ve played this song 50 times in a three months span.





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