Quantum Split is a Rock/Soul Band that has this edginess to them that jumps out your speakers. Their obvious tenacity, combined with their willingness to touch on relatable topics make them a very unique band to listen to. With this new song called ‘America’, the band shows just how fiery they can be when given a chance to talk about something they feel strongly about.

While a good chunk of this song is gentle, it also has some very explosive sides to it that is inspired by heavy-hitting drums and electrifying guitar play. The lead vocalist (Soleil Laurent) compliments both sides of the instrumental, providing this thoughtful yet rebellious sound that truly resonates with me.

Some may perceive Soleil’s message on this song as patriotic, but I see it as more of a middle finger to the illiberal Americans out there.  Soleil is unapologetic in her words, challenging whoever that disagrees with her (I don’t want no problems Soleil!!).

I am adding me going to a Quantum Split show to my Google Bucket-list (Yes, Google should definitely have a bucket-list app).