I personally do not know J. Cole, but when it comes to his ear for music, I feel like we are very similar! Therefore, with this new track he produced for J.I.D (Who I have no clue is), I have trust that dude ain’t no floozy.

Woo wee this n–a is nice on the mic! I absolutely love how he dictates his flow, not allowing for the beat to rush his words at all. Also, The punchlines he spews are stupendous, and the swag is in line with a superstar MC – I am impressed!

Earth Gang is just as sick as J.I.D. on the mic, but sounds a bit more mature than him. The way both of them are able to channel this old school rap sound is very dope.

The beat is f–kin’ flames fam! Cole was able to produce this sound that takes you back to hard raps and Wal-mart lounging in the hood! I think we should get familiar with their names.