I love a good strong black relationship like the next person, but this breakup with Meek got Nicki with her back against the wall like she’s doing squats!

The beat sounds wicked! I can see a witch stirring a big ass pot of green s–t to this beat. Wayne sounds like the witches goblin sidekick that smiles and laughs at the evil s–t she’s planning.

While the flow she is using is washed up on the song, I cannot deny how hard she is going. She is still claiming her crown on the track, which is exactly how I would’ve went at Remy.

Lil Wayne is an annoying ass dude on this song; I actually prefer more Nicki than Wayne (which I never prefer).

BTW, My boy gonna be mad, cause Nicki is still using that annoying ass “b–tches are my sons” line.