Nicki Minaj – No Frauds (Reviews & Stream)

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It looks like it’s clap back Friday folks! I’m bout to hide under the bed.

This is a very interesting sound for a diss record… (The vibe sorta reminds me of ‘Pick Up The Phone’ with Travis Scott and Thugger.) Even though the track has this exuberant sound to it, Nicki comes with some hard hitting bars for Remy. Nicki gets angrier and angrier as the verse goes by, taking shots at her record sales, plastic surgery, and alleged ghost writers (Can we stop with these damn ghost writer accusations!)

I think it was cute how Nicki got her label brothers to hop on the track to support her, but I also thought it was pointless. I’m not saying their verses are bad  (I actually like Drakes verse alot), I’m saying she should’ve did the ish by herself.

As a diss track, the song is alright; as a regular track, this s–t is fire!



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