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Melvin Fromm Jr. – Strong Wheels For Dreams (And More)

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Melvin Fromm Jr. is one of the more enthusiastic music makers in the world, and as he’s done in the past, he’s produced three tracks that exemplify the many different talents he is capable of showing. 



‘Strong Wheels for Dreams’ is the high-energy instrumental that Melvin Fromm Jr. has mastered at this point. The heavy hitting drums combined with the explosive brass of instruments immediately gets you amped up for sure.

From start to finish, you will have yourself nodding your head, and having the urge to turn your lackluster day into something productive


Just as ‘Strong Wheels for Dreams’ is a sound that Melvin has mastered, so is this energetic romantic sound that’Big Sharp Bend Love’ produces. You will find yourself getting the chills, as the exuberant sound of the violin would ease its way into your soul. The percussions play a lofty dance partner to the violin, as it compliments the dramatic sound really well.

This track is dramatic, soulful, and very romantic!


‘Always Damp Filled With Love’ is absolutely beautiful! Much like the Violin took over as the lead role on ‘Big Sharp Hard Bend Love’, this boastful trumpet has taken over for this one.

When I hear this track, I am immediately reminded of the powerful Jazz music from back in the day that had this unbelievable ability to impact the emotions in a room. To me, it’s the perfect music to play in a restaurant setting, or simply a place you are hoping to lounge


Melvin’s sound is very unique in this day age. With these three tracks, Melvin is able to give us a sound that reminds me of Jazz music from the 30’s (‘Always Damp Filled With Love’), Romantic music of today (‘Big Sharp Hard Bend Love’), and the high energy music of the 80’s (‘Strong Wheels For Dreams’). Melvin’s musical abilities are extremely versatile, which should always be appreciated

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