Les Fradkin – Reflections of Love (Review & Stream)

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Les Fradkin is a composer/producer that uses the MIDI guitar to create an out of this world experience for listeners of all genres. With his first single off his new album ‘The New Age’, you get a chance to experience just how soothing his music can be to your ears.

‘Reflections of Love’ is a magical track from Les that does its job in taking you on this calming musical journey. What I love most about this track, is that its sound can easily cross genres – At times, it reminds of the innovative beats that Kanye West utilized in his past work, and at other times, it reminds me of this alternative pop sound that I consider revolutionary; nonetheless, it is a very universal sound that any music lover can enjoy.

Check out his music video for ‘Reflections of Love’ here: https://vimeo.com/200135049/a2f8d6bfd6


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