Melvin Fromm Jr. – Bring Up Past Love (And More) (Reviews)

The super talented Melvin Fromm Jr. has been consistent in delivering some of the most soothing, exciting, and passionate instrumentals in the music industry!  With these three new releases, he continues to show that his ability to make good quality music is not a fluke. 



‘Bring Up Past Love’ contains some heavy violin, combined with some complementary percussions throughout the song. You know what I love about this song most? Every single Violin note captures the moment perfectly, which at times can be interpreted as somber, and other times can be interpreted as up-lifting; This is an example of all the emotions you can feel by listening to this one song.


I don’t think there is much of a debate on which emotion this song is supposed to exude out of you, as once again Melvin provides us with something to have an absolute blast to!

This time around, you are treated to several animated instruments that get more and more explosive as the song goes by. This song feeds off pure energy, and that energy is definitely transferred into the listeners soul.


‘Bright Booming Voice’ is a new sound from Melvin, as it has this mellow Western feel to it. The instruments used in this song is meant to sooth, and it does its job very effectively. Eventually the song picks up in pace, but by that time you are already laid out in your favorite hammock enjoying the great outdoors.


What I enjoy most about Melvin Fromm Jr. is his consistency; you can tell his approach to music is to give the fans what they want, and song by song he does just that. With these three new songs, you are treated to exactly what he does best, and that is bring out a variety of emotions through powerful instruments. Continue to give the fans what they want Melv!

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