Trey Songz – Tremaine The Album (Album Review)

Can I go ahead and state the obvious? R&B music like Trey’s has been a bit underappreciated by the masses as of late. It seems like nowadays everybody sings, and for some backwards reason the masses are gravitating towards the rappers that sing as opposed to the singers that sing. With this new album by Trey Songz coming out, maybe that taste the world once had for good R&B music will return.




‘Animal’ is a very dynamic song by Trey in which he sings about animal-like love-making. What makes the song dynamic is that it has a few phases to it: The ‘I’m an animal, so you know what I’ma do to that vajayjay’ part, the ‘ smooth crooner’ part, and the combination of both. At times, the song can sound like a standard Trey Songz song, but then at other times it can sound like a Jason DeRulo song.


This sound is definitely a different one for Trigga Trey, as it has these vibes that go toe to toe with his vocal abilities (He usually trumps the production every song). The s–t isn’t all bedroom sounding, instead it has this fun-loving sound attached to it.

I know this sounds like blasphemy to the third degree, but this song sorta reminds me of ‘De-Ja Vu’ by Biebs and Post Malone.


While I may not have rated this track number 1, I do think this is Trey’s most impressive song on the album. Taking just a few piano notes, Trey gets a chance to talk about his love and how he doesn’t want her to go away. His voice is nothing short of amazing on this song, as you can clearly hear the pain in his voice from each and every line.

This song is in John Legends lane, and not many people are capable of making tracks like John Legend.

2. #1FAN

‘#1FAN’ is a invigorating bedroom track by Trigga Trey that has this innocence to it that is enjoyable to listen to – On it, Trey discusses his intimacy with this woman who he knows has this overwhelming appreciation for him. He is very gentle with his words, sounding legitimately nervous about banging her.

I really like the writing on this song, because it fits the highs and lows Trey is capable of singing with.


‘Song Goes Off’ is vintage R&B to me, as Trey spills his guts (what’s new) over this emotional but fast tempo beat. Even though it is all dramatic and s–t, it still manages to be lots of fun. Even though it’s deep content-wise, it still manages to be very catchy. This is a commercial/universal love song that many different people will like.


  1. COME OVER (4/5)
  2. #1FAN (5/5)
  3. NOBODY ELSE BUT YOU (4.9/5)
  4. PLAYBOY (4.4/5)
  5. THE SHEETS…STILL (3.8/5)
  6. SONG GOES OFF (5/5)
  7. SHE LOVIN’ IT (4.3/5)
  8. ANIMAL (4.7/5)
  9. 1×1 (4.5/5)
  10. PRICELESS (4.3/5)
  11. WHAT ARE WE HERE FOR (4/5)
  12. GAMES WE PLAY (4/5)
  13. PICTURE PERFECT (3.9/5)
  14. BREAK FROM LOVE (5/5)


I got good news, and I got bad news…. The good news is that this album sounds like vintage Trey Songz at times, as he utilizes the passionate version of himself that loves harmonizing the most playboy lyrics in the world. The bad news is that it also sounds like the vintage Trey Songz that kinda bored us from the past. If you are a fan of Trey, you will be ok with this album; if you are not a fan of Trey, you will not become a ‘Treylieber’ by the end of it.

Trey does try to experiment on this album a little, hitting us with some pop sounding records such as ‘1×1’, ‘Animal’, and ‘What are we here for’. Unfortunately, I do not think his music persona fits these records very well… in other words, he’s too soulful for these commercial records.

The subject matters are pretty blah on this album, but I think that’s more of a genre thing as opposed to a him thing. It is 2017, so I think those cliche love-making songs just don’t work as much.

The album is ok to me. On some of the songs the writing can be better (especially on the verses), but it definitely gets the job done in terms of being a body of work that helps in the bedroom.

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