Melvin Fromm Jr. – Write Happy Love Song & More (Review)

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Melvin Fromm Jr. continues to make music that is catered to the real lovers in the world! His vintage sound is not only unique, but extremely high in quality.  



I love the energy, the glow, and the cohesion of the instruments that is used on this song! you can tell there was great attention paid into figuring out how each instrument blends in with each other, because they sound really good together.

Doesn’t this song remind you of something you would hear at everyones favorite bar from around the way? It just has a sound that is very universal to different settings.


‘Right Numbers up for love’ is romantic, but also very suave! I love the smoothness of it, as it takes its time in catching the listeners hearts minute by minute.

I’ve always felt that the most stunning instrument to hear is the violin, and how it is used on this song is absolutely magnificent! It does a great job of grabbing a hold of your emotions and taking it wherever it decides to take it (Don’t worry, it takes your emotions to a very good place).


Not only is this song jazz, but it is very authentic sounding jazz! It stacks up nicely with some of the best jazz I’ve heard in my life.

You can play this song in many different settings, but I think the best setting is at a romantic restaurant.


Melvin Fromm Jr. continues to hammer home some really impressive sounds, and I am extremely thankful for it! Enjoy the sounds you hear from these three songs, as its usage of instruments are beyond impressive to me. Melvin was able to not only make jazz music, but make Jazz music that is romantic, fun, and energetic.

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