Melvin Fromm Jr. – Strong Rookie March For Love (& More)

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Melvin Fromm Jr. has not disappointed in all of his releases so far, and with these three new songs he continues his impressive run of good music.



I know it is spring time and that the weather is starting to get a bit warmer in America, but for these 2 minutes and 33 seconds you get treated to a little bit of Christmas! This songs soothing vibe will certainly put you in the mood for some hot chocolate and snowfall, as its steady piano notes combined with a stunning trumpet will do its job in reaching your soul. You can tell that this song was orchestrated very carefully, with some very happy intentions from everyone involved.


This song is much like the other romantic songs that Melvin Fromm Jr. is good at creating, but this time around there is a little more ummph to it. While the Violin will catch your ears almost immediately, the drums that compliment the Violin provides this explosive sound that is hard to ignore.

With the energy-level being a little more potent on this song, you can end up playing it in many different settings.


‘Very Strong Backbone For Love’ has these rockstar roots that will make the listener want to jump up and down wherever they are (Including in an apartment with residents beneath you!). I think the Guitar contributions are phenomenal, and the piano helping out in the background is necessary for the songs gentleness. Overall, the song has this rockstar feel to it that is adaptable enough for anyone to enjoy.


What I like most about these three songs is that they each have their own type of impact emotionally: In one song, you are treated to an edgy rockstar-like sound in ‘Very Strong Backbone in Life’; to the very smooth ‘Nice full fluffy life’ that reminds you of the holidays. The versatility is definitely shown here, which I think makes for a good body of work.

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