Melvin Fromm Jr. – Coast On AutoPilot for Life (+ More)

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If you are a fan of new/transcending Jazz music, I feel like you will be a huge fan of Melvin Fromm Jr.s music! His interest in stepping outside of the box when it comes to the music that he makes is appealing, as he meshes together many different instruments to make this enjoyable sound.




On ‘Real Soul Shaking Feeling Dream’, you get high energy from the explosive guitars, and gentle piano notes. You can tell Melvin Fromm Jr. tried to create this musical atmosphere that gets your heart pumping, as the instruments give off this great energy.

This is definitely one of those songs you should put on to hype yourself up to clean, cook, or even go to work (Who doesn’t have to hype themselves up to go to work?)


Coasting on Autopilot sounds exactly how I predicted it would sound, and that is smooth/laid back. Once again, Melvin utilizes the impactful sound of the trumpet to create this relaxing vibe for listeners throughout.

For all the old school Jazz lovers, this is the epitome of it right here, as it gives off this sound that sorta reminds me of the great Jazz music from the 1950’s.


‘Big Exploding was to Dreams’ gives off this ‘love in the air’ vibe, as you get a chance to be seduced by heavy flutes and hard hitting drums. The drums boldly establish this fast paced sound, while the flute tries to keep up vividly with its own unique contributions.

What I find most impressive about this song is that Melvin was able to channel both a passionate sound and a funky one; this makes it a very dynamic jazz track.


You get a variety of styles from these three songs, and each style is high in quality. As I’ve said before, Melvin Fromm Jr. has full command of the Jazz genre, so when he experiments with different sounds I think it sounds outstanding!

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