Lil Yachty – Peek A Boo (Ft. Migos) (Review & Stream)

Why ya’ll acting like this song (which has a very stupid theme) won’t get the clubs poppin? I can see its value from a mile away.

Lots of people hate this song, but I find it catchy as F–k! I know it’s childish as s–t, but the beat and the way each rapper is rapping on it sounds pretty dope.

Yachty is being aggressive Yachty on the track, rapping his playa like lyrics throughout. I have a theory for ya’ll: I feel like if he changed the words peek-a-boo with something else, this won’t be hated as much.

If I didn’t convince you the song is good by now, this will: Migos do their thing on this track; better?


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