Flatbush Zombies – Still Palm Trees (G-Mix) (Ft. Snoop Dogg) (Review & Stream)

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I do not advise these weird ass dudes getting fed anymore weed in their already bizarre ass systems.

Isn’t it funny that anytime Snoop is featured on a song they gotta say his name on the chorus? Snoop Dogg’s voice is the most potent in the game, we know he’s on the damn song already!

Each rapper puts up a good verse, and they are all unique from one another. Even though the beat is smooth and Cali sunshiney, the rappers still lay down aggressive/ gutter verses.

Some people act happy with weed in their system, and some act like f–kin’ meatheads; these dudes act like meatheads when they smoke.

Good News Guys! Snoop doesn’t have a verse on this song 🙂


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