Lynne Taylor Donovan – I Don’t Wanna Mention Any Names (Review & Stream)

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Lynne Taylor Donovan is a Country music artist from Canada that combines passion, honesty, and real life lessons into every song she makes. With this new single called ‘I Don’t Wanna Mention Any Names’, she completely opens up her feelings to us, creating this sound that touches the soul.

This song is sung beautifully by Lynne, as she reaches levels vocally that are beyond impressive! you can hear the hurt and passion in her voice, which makes her story of missed opportunity sound even more riveting.

Content-wise, I love her approach to the track, as she takes advantage of the slow pace of the song by delivering each and every line nice and slowly; this lets her words resonate even more.

This is a very old school sounding song that definitely crosses genres to me. Much like the soulful music in the past, this song tells a story of heartbreak that I think everyone can relate to.


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