Snoop Dogg – Mount Kushmore (Review & Stream) (Redman, Method Man & B-Real)

A couple of dudes that are first ballot weedhead hall of famers collaborate together for this old school track.

Snoop Dogg was able to go into the hot tub time machine and create this timeless LA track that got the locs and the khakis poppin’!

Redman starts the song off with his always animated style, reminding folks that he is that one crazy smoker that might do some stupid s–t even though he is almost 50!

B-Real is second, and he reminds listeners that he is that one gang banging smoker that might throw you out of the window if you say you voted for Trump.

Method Man is third, and he reminds listeners that he is that cool/mellow smoker that is probably gonna have to be the babysitter for all the other smokers.

Snoop is the classic smoker that encourages/peer pressures people into smoking. If Uncle Snoop says you have to roll one, you got to roll one.

This starting 5 of smokers is Golden State Warrior-esque.


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