DJ Khaled – I’m The One (Review & Stream) (Ft. Justin Bieber, Chance The Rapper, Lil Wayne & Quavo)

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This might be the most vulgar Nickelodeon song I’ve ever heard! Actually second most, Kenan and Kel’s theme song was pretty damn savage!

What a very interesting sound this song has: It sorta sounds ‘NOW this is what I Call Musicish’, as Bieber gives off this bubble gum ass chorus.

Quavo turns the song a little more street. even though he is singing his ass off yet again. I do not think he fits on this song, but this might be a theme, as he is scheduled to appear on a Katy Perry song sometime today.

Chance sounds great on this song, and that is because his kiddy approach fits it perfectly. You’re going to love his animation, and will find yourself saying “dude you play too much” throughout his verse.

AUTO-TUNE WAYNE! Don’t ever leave us AUTO-TUNE WAYNE! Anyway, he puts up a nice little jumpy verse here.

What’s up with all these rappers making goody records lately?


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