Humphrey-McKeown – Passing Shadows

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Heather Humphrey and Tom McKeown are two talented writers that formed a musical partnership in 2006. Since linking up, the duo has been able to create this unique style of music that blends folk, rock, pop, and more. With this new track called ‘Passing Shadows’, the duo delivers an epic song that exemplifies why they are one of the most unique music acts out right now.

First off, the contributions from each instrument on this song is phenomenal! You get heavy hitting drums, an absolutely riveting contribution from the Violin, and tone-setting guitar play throughout. Together, the instruments create this platform for the singers to do something special sonically.

The vocalists on this song give off this retro sound, reminding me of some of the major hits from the 1970’s. Tom and Heather go back and forth with one another on the verses, promoting this message of uplift to listeners. Their voices are powerful, at times even giving me goosebumps.

The song will truly resonate with you.

Listen to the track Here.


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