Chris Murphy is a very talented musician that plays the violin, composes music, and of course knows how to sing a great tune. His bread and butter revolves around delivering deep-thought messages about love, redemption, and the overall journey he went through to become the man he is today. With this track called ‘Hard Bargain’, you get dragged into Murphy’s world of riveting violin play, and rugged lyrics.

This song has an excellent tempo to it, as it inspires this foot tapping/hand clapping feel every single second of it. I love the energy Chris exudes from line to line, as you can just feel that excitement he gets from entertaining folks with his GOD given talent.

My favorite aspect of this song is Chris’s blunt words on his verses: Chris talks about how he was pushed by others to toughen up early on in his life, getting as specific as it gets without holding back. While he indicates that his life was a bit rough at that time, he doesn’t sound down about it, instead sounding a bit gleeful if you ask me.

Overall, this song is lots of fun to listen to, and something that should draw a few chuckles from time to time.