Prince Taylor – Different (Review & Stream)

All the way from Vienna (Not Vienna, VA,  Vienna, Austria), is a new artist named Prince Taylor that specializes in delivering trap inspired hip hop. With his new single ‘Different’, you get a glimpse of how good he is lyrically, and why his chances of making it on to Drake’s ‘More Life 2’ are really good!

I love the instrumental on this song, as it kinda reminds me of the UK trap music that is getting really popular worldwide. The beat is heinous, it’s dark, and if it was a human being would be mean mugging us.

I also love the chorus on this song, and mainly because it is VERY catchy! On it, Prince has a little fun with it, showing off his vocal skills quite a bit. Aside from the vocals, you will also like the chorus for its message, as being yourself is something that should be encouraged to do.

On the verses, Prince enters the track with really good confidence, rapping with this rugged style that is very melodious. Each line Prince drops is some real s–t, as he talks about how being himself has guided him to all the success he is currently seeing. His verses have a great flow to it, as he rides the trap beat extremely well.

This is some good s–t from Prince for sure.



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