To say Rouge is a unique artist is an understatement; she is a musical maniac! On every song she delivers, she leaves listeners with quite the experience, painting this dark/vivid look into her kinky world. On this track off her album called ‘H&R’ block, she finds a way to talk about her fascination with food and jewelry.

Rouge absolutely nails the chorus, giving us something that is both gutter and catchy. I love her confidence, as she is ready to create this revolution that is revolved around Hoagies and Rollies.

As for the verses, Rouge shows that she ain’t no rookie, throwing out some impressive bars throughout. You’ll love her swag, you’ll love her accent, and you will absolutely love her wordplay. So many women rappers want to be bosses, but they are not talkin’ that boss s–t like she is on this song.

Overall, this song is a good mix of street and commercial music. in one sense she spits some real s–t, but at the same time it has a bounce to it that club-goers will like.

Rouge, you gained a new fan with this one.