Dru Cutler – Hometown (Review & Stream)

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Dru Cutler is a talented artist from Brooklyn that has a certain glow to him that oozes out of your speakers whenever you hear his music. With this new track, you get nothing but positive vibes from him, as he makes a track dedicated to his hometown.

This is truly beautiful music by Jay, as every word he spews comes across as both genuine and homely. The base of the song is primarily acoustic, with Dru Cutler adding this spirited sound vocally.

I applaud Dru Cutler’s willingness to open up about the place he grew up in, giving very specific examples of the things he saw (both good and bad). His intentions is to be honest with this beau of his, which is always a good look when trying to take a relationship to another level.

Can’t you put a picture to some of the things Dru mentions in his verses? That’s how you know that this was some really good writing here.


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