My mans Rocky did it for the culture on this song! Uzi, Frank, Quavo are all on the same song on this one!A$AP is sooooo slept on to me! Dude can rap, and on this song he drops a fire ass verse over the trap heavy beat. Flacko relies on his sly behavior to carry him, which makes him the veteran presence on this song.

I love how Rocky batons the beat to Quavo, which Quavo picks it up and adds his own Migos flair to the song. he implores us mere mortals not to step on his Ralph Simmons, which is hard for me to do because I don’t even know what they look like.

Quavo batons the beat to Uzi, and Uzi probably has the most impressive verse on this song. He raps with such a good flow, and has this confidence to his lyrics that got me looking at him like a top rapper in the game.

A lot of people forget that Frank can rap his ass off, and this verse is a good reminder. The wit/swagger is there, as he raps better than about 90 percent of the actual rappers out now.

Dope ass song from the group.