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Vince Staples – Big Fish (Review & Stream)

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Vince Staples is just a real solid rapper. He is like the Trevor Ariza of rap n—as.

This song is one of those house party sounding Cali tracks that got a good bounce to it. The chorus has a Juicy J sample, further amping you up to do the hoodest dance moves you got.

Vince is spitting out words like he’s got a bad taste in his mouth on the verses, both testing and speaking game to dudes.

‘Big Fish’ Album is coming out June 23!


2 thoughts on “Vince Staples – Big Fish (Review & Stream)

  1. XaviSenpai – A self proclaimed "casual hardcore anime fan", I'm a geek who doesn't exactly want to be called one. While I have a love for anime, manga, & gaming due to me being a 90's baby (albeit a very late 90's baby) I just so happen to have an equal if not greater love for sports and hip hop. If I'm not doing some otaku-ish things then I'm probably working on a novel, losing in fantasy football, or out on the court thinking I got a shot like Steph Curry
    Valentino Senpai says:

    Vince Staples doesn’t get the credit he deserves, he’s easily one the best rappers out now.

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