G-Eazy released three new songs yesterday (Which is becoming a rap trend), and this one features the OG triple OG Snoop Dogg.

Murda Beatz and G-Eazy might be the flyest white guys in the game right now, so it’s dope that they decided to collaborate with each other for this song.

You get Trill-Eazy on this song, as he is rapping with a lot more aggression than his last couple of releases. He does the beat justice, talking about getting money and flossing (Which apparently he is really good at).

This is how you use Snoop on a feature! (In My Will Smith telling Martin “this is how you drive” voice on Bad Boys 1) You don’t tell Snoop to do any out of this world s–t, you just let him set you up with some swagged out/cold chorus.

I didn’t know Murda could do a beat like this!