Jackson Howard – Just For The Mystery (Review & Stream)

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Jackson Howard is a charismatic singer from St Louis, Missouri that utilizes the jubilant sounds of an acoustic guitar to deliver profound music to his fans all over the nation. With this new track called ‘Just for the Mystery’, Jackson was able to make this gleeful track that displays just how engaging he could be.

One of Jackson’s best attributes musically is his words, and I think he shows that throughout this song. Jackson’s approach is gentle, and certainly comes across as thoughtful despite the topic revolving around a stale relationship.

The instruments in this song are fabulous, as they set up Jackson with this electrifying platform to speak his mind. The more stimulating the instrumental gets, the more exuberance you hear from Jackson. The chemistry between both elements creates this wave of emotions that sound extremely relatable to me.

‘Just For the Memory’ sorta reminds me of vintage Maroon 5 in a way… I’ve always felt that Adam Levine’s tender sound over sunny beats like’Sunday Morning’ was phenomenal, and Jackson sorta gives you that same vibe here. All in all, you will find this track beautiful, regardless of where you are in your current relationship with your lover.


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