Chevy Woods

Wiz Khalifa – Comment Creepin’ (Ft. Kris Hollins & Chevy Woods) (Review & Stream)

Wiz Khalifa decided to drop 4 songs this weekend, and this is the strip club sounding one.

This song is nothing short of lit, as Wiz Khalifa gave the hook responsibilities to some random dude named Kris Hollins to kill. While he does slaughter the hook accordingly, you can’t ignore the tempo that Sledgren provided him with on the beat.

Wiz enters the song with pure swag, as he breezes through his verse with this very consistent flow. I feel like Wiz is at his best when he has that cool guy demeanor to him.

Chevy Woods is Wiz’s right hand man, and on this song, he sounds a lot like him. His verse is very dismissive, as he finds unique ways to disrespect his women.

Why is Wiz’s best stuff non-album singles? This is hot, and probably won’t make the album!



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