Imani Wj Wright – Started (Review & Stream)

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Young R&B phenom Imani Wj Wright is prepping to release his album called ‘Transmogrify’, and the lead single off of it is a sultry track in which he finds himself in some trouble after an innocent kiss.

One of the biggest benefits from listening to Imani’s music is his ability to create these relationship inspired tracks that people can easily relate to. With this song, Imani both slowly and passionately lays down his vocals about going to the next level with his lover, prompting this psychological obsession going on in his head. You can hear the infatuation in Imani’s voice, as he uses some astute words to show just how in tune he is with the individual he is dealing with.

Imani shows off his range of vocals on this song, seamlessly transitioning from passionate to calming. You can tell he has a great understanding of what works for him musically, making this song a must listen for R&B fans all over.


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