Mark Universe – Tomorrow Starts Today (Album Review)

Mark Universe is a hip hop artist from the small town of Prichard, Alabama that has this passion for music that is pretty indisputable. With the release of his new album ‘Tomorrow Starts Today’, you get a chance to dive into Universe’s world consisting of brief interventions, a little bit of flexing, and plenty of motivational messages.




This song is nothing less than inspiring, as Universe goes ham over this kill-a-rapper type beat.

When it comes to grinding, you can tell Universe is relentless, as throughout this song he reminds listeners that he will not be distracted from reaching his goals. For majority of the song Universe sounds hyped up, imploring the people to respect his hustling ways. Overall, he is very confident on this song, getting more and more spirited as the song goes by.


This song is nothing short of Mayhem! You get this terrorizing sound on the production, and an aggressive Universe that comes across as cockier than a superstar NBA player.

Everyone knows that cockiness is solidified by skill, and Universe displays lots of that on his verses (great wordplay, tenacity, and clever lyrics.). Listeners typically despise cocky rappers, but something about the way he’s rapping on this song ensures you that he put the work in that allowed him to be picky

An album is not complete unless you have that one track that dismisses all your peers as competition.


‘Attention’ is a unique club record that has Universe rapping over this fast paced/heavy whistling trap beat. Universe is able to keep up with the beats quickness on his verses, dropping this heavily melodic verse and chorus.

Much like any guy that comes across a dimepiece, Universe is infatuated with this mystery woman, letting her know that he is going to do what he has to do to get her attention. Even though the song is between this lovely woman and himself, the explosive vibes you hear from the beat makes it fun for everyone that listens to it.


‘How Much Faith’ is one of those heartfelt records by Universe in which he combines inspired bars with some soulful harmonizing.

The topic of this song revolves around Universe laying down the blueprint to internal success, highlighting a few steps he took to find his own way. While the song is quite impassioned, it still has this thrilling feel to it that people will enjoy.

I’ve always felt like positive rap is a lost art nowadays, so it feels good to hear Universe utilize it here.


As you can imagine, this song is a deep one by Universe, as he discusses the effects of not having that role model to guide him through the tough times in life. While Universe provides us with a pretty emotional hook, he does sound a lot more optimistic on his raps.

I love the fact that Universe sounds somber on this song, because it makes the struggle all the way real to the listeners. Mechanics-wise, I think he raps with the perfect flow on this song, as he spits the exact way I would over the somewhat numbing beat.

This song is very Nav like to me.


1. DOPE 365 (4/5)

2.  HOW MUCH FAITH (4.5/5)

3. THINK I’M PICKY (4.5/5)


5. ATTENTION (4.5/5)

6. GOAT GOALS (4.4/5)

7. GET IT (3.9/5)

8. GALAXY PARTY (3.8/5)


10. WHAT DOES IT TAKE (4.2/5)

11. INEVITABLE (3.7/5)

12. MARK MY WORDS (4/5)


14. STARVE DOUBTS (4.5/5)


By the time you listen to this whole album, you get a good idea of Mark universes talent-level. Throughout, Universe shows he can rap in every type of way, proving to me that he actually took the time to perfect his craft. Aside from rapping, Universe also shows off this ability to harmonize when a song asks for it (Using lots of Auto-Tune), something I think is essential for an artist to do based off the music of today. With all that being said, one of the main driving factors for Universes style of rap is his energy, as he does a great job of matching each tone the record provides. His animation will resonate with you, something as listeners we should all appreciate.

Universe produced this entire album by himself, something I find to be very impressive! What I find even more impressive is that each beat sounds unique from one another, making the album feel exciting every step of the way.

Overall, this album is great culmination of heart, determination, and a bit of celebration. You don’t get many negative words from Mark on it, as he truly feels the importance of inspiring when he is given an opportunity to. So enjoy the album for its distinct sound, and feel free to use the good vibes you get from it to be productive in the streets (or universe).

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  1. I appreciate this site and what you do, this is a very well written and thorough review, although already love the album, and I completely agree with your verdicts, I have been a Mark universe supporter your commentary actually makes me want to go check out the album again! Thanks

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