Bump J – Fuck Up The Summa (Ft. Pusha-T & Yo Gotti) (Review & Stream)

This is a very 2010 sounding song by Bump J.

I guess Bump J was inspired by some 2010 Rick Ross, because he picked a beat that sounds like it was produced by Lex Luger and them.

Content-wise, Bump talks that s–t, but he sounds way to cliche for my liking. I do like how amped up he is though, rallying his troops to do something reckless with their money.

Gotti is war proven, and that’s exactly how he sounds on this song. He doesn’t quite make the song better, but he at least sounds authentic with his gangsta words.

Pusha-T has the last verse, and you know he was equipped for this type of track. He is probably the slickest on the song, pretty much teaching the listeners about his hood stripes.

This song sounds way too cliche for me.




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