Barrett Staples – All Right (Review & Stream)

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Barrett Staples is a hip hop artist from Seattle that has this ability to use his superior rap skills to connect with fans all over the nation. With this track called ‘All Right’, you are treated to this tranquilizing anthem that ensures you that everything is going to be ‘A OK’ regardless of the circumstances.

It’s not hard to see how talented Barrett is on the mic, as he opens up the song with this tongue-twisting/harmonic approach that immediately puts you in this zoned out feel. By the time Staples gets to the chorus, he takes that strangle hold he has on our vibes to another level by delivering this very persuasive hook.

While Staples approach to rapping is damn there perfect to me, his words shouldn’t be ignored either, as he is given this chance to express these self-actualized thoughts that keeps his mood afloat. You can just hear this satisfaction in his voice, something that I think makes the song even more stimulating.


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