Circles of The West – Boxes (Review & Stream)

So who are Circles of the West? They are an Alternative Rock band that makes exciting music that listeners can relate to. With this new song called ‘Boxes’, they use their relatability to describe how their lives can be enhanced by thinking outside of the box just a little.

There is nothing like hearing a song that keeps it straight with no chaser content-wise, and that is exactly what you get from the band here. With this laidback sound created by the instrumental, the lead vocalist is given this platform to comfortably lay down his vocals about changing the way he wants to approach his life. As the song goes by, the more and more animated the song gets, as the band makes sure that their message is hammered home. I love the songs energy, and definitely like the thoughtful lyrics that you get from the lead vocalist.

I love that this song gives off this lighthearted feel throughout.




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