Kaiya – Games (ÅMBE Remix) (Review & Stream)

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Kaiya is an unique artist that has a knack for creating a form of Dance music that is absolutely stimulating to listen to. Her ability to infuse these artistic elements into her music will jump out to you, as she sees no boundaries when it comes to creativity. With this new track called ‘Games’, she forces you into her fantasy-like world that will mesmerize you with every note you hear.

This song has a runway feel to it, as its enthusiasm blooms as the song goes on. In the background of the song, you hear Kaiya’s soulful vocals, as she serenades listeners with this soothing sound. Though her vocal contributions are pretty soft, the vibe that she is able to give off will definitely reverberate with you.

Enjoy this song for its energy, its spirit, and most of all its organic feel.


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