KALO is a Rock-N-Roll band that makes a brand of music that is quite invigorating to listen to. One of the most unique aspects of their music is their willingness to blend in the sentiments of Blues and Roots with this electrifying Rock sound. With the groups new track called ‘Wild Change’, you get a chance to hear just how dynamic their sound is.

‘Wild Change’ has a steady tempo throughout, as the instrumental mixes some stimulating guitar play with heavy-hitting drumming; as a result, you get this stormy tone that fits the fiery approach Bat-Or-Kalo takes on her contributions

Bat-Or Kalo is phenomenal on this song, as she takes great advantage of the stormy vibe of the song. As a listener, you will love her presence, as she effectively puts a strangle hold on the beat by delivering these shrewd, vivid, and soul-wrenching lyrics. Overall, I really like her charisma on the song, and believe in her star power as a lead vocalist.

For anyone that loves nostalgic Rock-N-Roll, this song is for you!

Check Out Their Track HERE