Proper Einstein – Intro to My Feelings (Review & Stream)

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Proper Einstein is a talented artist from Statesboro, GA that mixes in electronic dance music with the hip hop of today. With his new project called ‘Welcome to my Feelings’ being released on June 20th, Proper shows off his ability to spit some deep thoughts over some emotional beats.

‘Intro to My Feelings’ gives listeners an immediate understanding of what Proper hopes to achieve sonically with this project. He picked a beat that he was able to get completely lost in, giving him an opportunity to deliver lyrics that he can gather straight from the soul. I like how determined Proper is to show that he’s the truth on his verses, as he prioritizes each bar like it is his last. On the chorus, Proper keeps it simple, giving this melodic contribution that is picture perfect for the beat.

You can tell Proper has a great understanding for putting together a dynamic song, which is just another reason to listen to this project fully.



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