Novel Da’ Hooligan – Trust, Litboi & Who Am I (Reviews)

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Novel Da’ Hooligan is the first out of state artist signed under the Dope Hitz Entertainment roster, and he is ready to put his stamp on the game right now. The first thing that jumps out to me about Novel is his versatility, as he does a phenomenal job of adjusting his style from song to song. He is truly an artist that will keep you on your toes, and these three songs below certainly solidifies that notion. 




 TRUST (5/5)

Novel absolutely murders this song, as he raps with this Caribbean style that is very reminiscent of Kim on ‘Lighters Up’. You will enjoy Novel’s presence on this song, and soak up the passionate bars he is able to spew out with each line.

This song is easily one of my favorites this year!


WHO AM I (4.5/5)

On ‘Who Am I’, Novel gets extra aggressive, as he raps over this very emotional beat. Novel is pretty dynamic with his flows on his verse, blending in a really fast one with this leisurely one. In terms of content, you can hear the hunger in his voice, as he prioritizes his every bar.

Slick Flows has the second verse on this song, and he feeds off of Novel’s energy effectively. Much like Meek, Slick raps with this youthful sound that is still able to maintain its street roots.

This song shows the blood, sweat, and tears that both rappers are capable of putting in whenever they get on a mic.


LITBOI (5/5)

‘Litboi’ is that one track that shows Novel is capable of putting together a universal club song for hip hop fans everywhere.

With Novel showing this ability to drop heartfelt bars in his other songs, he switches it up a little on this song by rapping with more of a lighthearted approach.

This song is all about its tempo, with Novel riding the wicked beat flawlessly.  Novel also does a good job of showing animation throughout his verses (particularly on his ad-libs). Overall, I feel like Novel’s style of rap on this song has to appeal to you if you are truly a rap fan.

I wanna hear this s–t in clubs tonight fam!

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