Top 5 Songs Of The Week: 06/20 -06/26

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New Songs from Drake, Gucci Mane, Future & More.



Even though TYuS lyrics are pretty sensual, the tone of the track is dark enough for 21 Savage to do his thing.

21 puts up a pretty dynamic verse, switching up his style quite a bit throughout. Even though the ATL goon typically has a dark style to his raps, he does have some fun with the beat by showing some kookiness with his flow (You like the ‘kookiness word I used here?).

TYus sounds amazing on this song!


Does Gucci Mane take breaks? Didn’t he just release 3 albums????

This song is called ‘Tone it Down’, yet it features Chris Brown and Gucci Mane (That pretty much means the title means absolutely nothing.) Anyway, Chris is on the chorus, and he is pretty much toying with the beat by using his infectious energy.

Gucci Mane raps pretty fast on this song, reminding me of the vintage La Flare that was pretty difficult to understand. Can someone help me understand what he is saying on his verses pretty please?

Isn’t the beat a slowed up version of ‘Portland’ by Drake?


Metro Boomin’ does nothing less than numbing beats nowadays, and this song follows that theme.

Doesn’t Offset takeover every song that he is featured on? Not only does he set the tone of this song, but he also takes advantage of a beat that seems to be catered for him. It is nice being Offset these days.

It’s a heinous beat, so you get a heinous Drake on this song. Drake uses his outside voice on the song, finding multiple ways to pat himself on the back.

How is Drake able to fit in to some hood s–t so easily? It boggles my freakin’ mind guys!


A Future and Chris Brown collaboration is sort of a surprise to me, but at the same time it is something that I think should’ve happened a while ago. While the song does sound more catered to Chris’s style of music, its natural high energy is taken advantage of by Future.

This is a nice little duet by the two hit-makers.

             1. DRAKE – SIGNS 

Drake is the only rapper in history that can have some tough s–t like ‘Sacrifices’, and then some brunch s–t like this.

This song sorta sounds like the R&B stuff he dropped on ‘More Life’, but a little more sappy sounding. I cannot hate on Drake’s ability to make these type of songs, but I can hate the fact that he didn’t decide to release this regularly!

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